The Emerald Isle. Our homeland.

Ireland – our homeland – is often referred to as the Emerald Isle, and against this lush green background it’s not surprising that we see our responsibility to the environment as paramount. That is why we are thoroughly committed to developing and using sustainable, environmentally friendly materials.

Machine-compatible products for all standard sealing machines

Our products are designed to be compatible with every type of sealing machine commonly used in the industry, from fully automated production lines to manual systems. We work closely with system manufacturers and even test our products together. This means you can be certain that our sealants will do the job and contribute to a smooth production flow.

For the environment

Mercury-free PU sealants

The environmentally friendly choice – our specially developed EMCEPREN 200 sealant.

Energy efficiency and sustainable

Warm edge

Our sealants for energy-saving thermal insulated glazing ...